How can I be confident that it works?

Since 1996, diamond traders have relied on the Rough Diamond Guideline Price List as a reliable, user-friendly, and precise tool for verifying that they are obtaining fair market prices for their rough diamonds.

Novices entering the diamond industry have discovered that the price list serves as a valuable and dependable ally, especially when working alone. Experienced professionals, on the other hand, have utilized it as a useful reference for facilitating negotiations and reaching mutually beneficial agreements.

How is it presented?

The Rough Diamond Guideline Price List is accessible online in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, providing you with the option to utilize it directly from the web as needed or to print a hard copy for use when a computer or internet connection is unavailable. More samples are available here.

The price list is also obtainable in an electronic format compatible with our Rough Diamond Parcel Calculator software. The Windows-based software allows for the computation of the aggregate value of a collection of rough diamonds constituting a parcel. Click here to download a fully functional demonstration version of the software.

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